Khtada can deliver a comprehensive suite of environmental consulting services, including vegetation, wildlife, fisheries, aquatics, and marine. Below is a sampling of the services we provide:

Aquatic Assessments

Khtada is a leader in aquatic assessments, with its team having completed thousands of aquatic projects across numerous industry sectors.

Aquatic interactions factor into the decision-making process in virtually every project in western Canada, and it is therefore critical to understand the implications of these interactions. Khtada brings this expertise and has extensive experience working in a variety of terrains, as well. Our locally-based professionals and technical team members bring a critical level of understanding and insight to these matters, and our professional biologists have executed over 3,500 projects.

Marine Assessments

Almost every project built on or near a marine environment requires a deep understanding of the interaction between the project and the marine habitat.

Khtada has qualified marine biologists and highly experienced local technical professionals who can be engaged at project inception to reduce uncertainties. Khtada is experienced in planning, designing, and executing marine environmental assessments, having completed marine projects across many industry sectors in a variety of marine ecosystems, including intertidal, sub-tidal, estuarine and open ocean environments. We also have experience in marine mammal observation, focused on potential interactions with shipping traffic and underwater construction activities.

Water Quality

Khtada’s team of specialized water quality and hydrologic professionals have demonstrated success working within the rigorous Federal and Provincial regulatory landscapes.

This success has been achieved because of our extensive local knowledge and familiarity with applicable guidelines, policies and industry-specific permitting requirements.

We are also able to provide support around site-specific issues that require effective – often innovative – solutions because Khtada’s expert team is able to draw upon its experience in the more specialized fields of eco-toxicology and predictive water quality modelling to ensure our clients’ needs are met.

Over the past three decades Khtada’s professionals, including our highly experienced local team, have provided water quality and hydrologic services for a broad spectrum of clients. Regardless of the project scale, Khtada’s aquatic team always supplies timely consulting services and pragmatic products that exceed client expectations.

Terrestrial Assessments

Khtada’s team of terrestrial biologists are industry leaders with the expertise and knowledge required to support projects throughout the assessment and monitoring phases.

Our expertise in wildlife and vegetation assessments includes experience in renewable energy and other major resource development projects. This experience includes developing and implementing study programs, including those set out by the Canadian Wildlife Service and BC Ministry of Environment.

Habitat Offsetting & Compensation Planning

Khtada’s professional aquatic sciences team has built a strong reputation with industry by finding and implementing innovative, cost-effective and locally tailored solutions for numerous complex projects.

Where project effects are unavoidable, habitat offsetting plans are required to counterbalance these effects. This is one of our areas of strength, as Khtada’s team has designed complicated fisheries habitat compensation plans for many high-profile clients.

Khtada’s team is experienced in preparing compensation plans under CEAA and BCEAA, and we have worked on numerous, multi-year compensation programs.

Environmental Management

Environmental management and protection planning is often required to comply with environmental legislation, from initial management and protection plans to design and implementation of long-term monitoring.

Site-specific management plans tailored to the scope and setting of a particular project accelerate project schedules while reducing delays and unforeseen project costs. Khtada’s environmental professionals, including our highly experienced local team, have developed numerous management plans, ranging from small residential developments to inter-provincial pipeline projects.

Compliance Monitoring

A key element of environmental management and protection planning is compliance and construction monitoring.

Compliance monitoring is an essential, long-term commitment that documents compliance with permitting goals and ensures that environmental measures, controls and specifications are properly implemented. Instances of non-compliance can be costly and delay project schedules, so Khtada’s professional team interacts with project owners, supervisors and construction personnel to inform and educate them about environmental requirements and sensitivities prior to and during construction. If an unexpected event occurs, the compliance monitor is the first line of defence, particularly where mitigating actions may prevent or reduce penalty charges.

Air Quality and Environmental Noise

Projects requiring air quality and environmental noise consulting services need a consultant that understands the project, facility, and emissions sources, and how to navigate the regulatory environment.

From straightforward consulting to management planning to complex modelling and monitoring assessments, Khtada has the tools and expertise to solve whatever issues or applications our clients come across. Our experienced team provides support for projects in all industrial sectors as well as the urban environment.