Khtada is a unique partnership that fulfils client needs while providing Metlakatla members with professional development opportunities in the environmental consulting field.

The partnership is designed to provide rewarding, long-term careers for Metlakatla members by integrating them into various projects, and Triton provides the professional qualifications, support and supervision required to ensure collective delivery of exceptionally high quality services. Metlakatla members add significant value to the program through their experienced, qualified team as well as their intimate local understanding of the factors and conditions affecting the area, thereby enabling better identification of potential risks and associated mitigation strategies.


Members of the Metlakatla First Nation are present-day descendants of the Nine Tribes of the Coast Tsimshian that have inhabited the North Coast of British Columbia, Canada, for time immemorial. Metlakatla Village lies in the heart of Metlakatla territory that extends west from the Tsimshian Peninsula to Hecate Straight, east to Lakelse Lake, north to Observatory Inlet and south to the headwaters of the Ecstall River.

The Metlakatla Development Corporation is an independent business arm of the Metlakatla First Nation that has been working for the sustainable economic development of the Nation and its members since 1989.


Triton is a leading environmental consulting company that has operated on the north coast of BC for over 25 years. Triton’s Terrace, Prince Rupert, and Kitimat offices are staffed with local residents, and many of their employees are First Nations members. Triton has nine offices across British Columbia and Alberta, and its professional team is trusted by clients to execute a wide range of environmental consulting services.